What Does A Beekeeping Starter Kit Usually Contain

When you first think about getting bees you may think that it just involves a hive and getting honey. However, you will quickly find their is a lot more involved to bees than that. So you will want to get a beekeeping starter kit. The problem is you may not know what these kits are usually going to contain and that can lead to you buying a kit that does not come with everything you need to safely raise your bees or keep them healthy when the winter months come around. With that being the case, we are going to cover some of the common things in these kits.

One aspect that almost all of the kits are going to contain is an unassembled hive. Yes, you read that correctly for shipping the hives are generally sent to you unassembled. Now this does not mean that you can pay someone to put it together for you, but it will be a lot more cost to you to do that. Thankfully you are getting a hive and that is a major plus when you are looking at these kits compared to some of the other items that you could be getting.

The hive tool, this is a tool that is going to be used to pry the top of the hive off. This tool is specific for the hive and should only be used for this job. It is easy to think a crowbar can do the job as well, but you need to realize your bees are sensitive to the chemicals that could be on the crowbar. So you need to make sure you take the hive tool and only use it for the hives. This way your bees will not get sick from the chemicals on the crowbar, but also will not be exposed to anything that you just had the crowbar in.

The beekeeping gear is another item that a lot of these kits are going to contain. The gear is one of the aspects that you may think you can get away without getting. However, you would only think this for a short time period because you will start to get stung, but also the stings are going to pile up quite a bit because the bees have a tendency to get inside of your clothing. So you would have some problems in getting the bees out of your clothing and that can easily lead to multiple stings in areas you would not want to be stung at.

Being able to find bees are more than just a hobby is a great thing to do. The problem is when you first start up with bees you may find it is very difficult to get everything that you want to have. This is when you should know more about what a beekeeping starter kit is usually going to contain. By knowing this information it is rather easy for you to order the right kit and know you are getting the bulk of what you will need to have to keep bees.

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