Starting Beekeeping? Discover Some Tools You Need

When you are thinking about starting beekeeping your need to realize their are certain tools you will need to have. Some of these tools are going to be very basic and obvious, like a hive. However, other tools are ones that you may have never thought about getting before when you first start out with bees. Since that is the case, you will want to know about some of these tools and then you can find the tools and get them before you even order your first queen and swarm.

A hive tool is one of those tools that you would never think about getting. You may think that you can use a simple crow bar. However, you need to realize using that could cause you some problems as it can damage the wood on your hive. The hive tool is designed specific for beekeeping and will slip under the lid of the hive to pry it open. This in turn will break the resin that the bees are known for keeping under the hive lid and make it easier for the hive to be opened up and for you to extract the honey from inside of the hive.

A smoker may be one of the tools you should keep with you at all times. The smoker is going to make it easier for you to get into the hive without getting stung. While you may still get stung, the smoker is going to help lower the chance you have of getting stung. This way you can start to get into the hive and take care of your bees, harvest the honey, and just do a well check on your hives as you need to. Then you can rest easier knowing the smoker helped calm the bees and did not harm them.

The beekeeper suit may seem like it is one piece of equipment that you would not overlook, but you need to realize this is one of the most overlooked pieces of equipment. When you are using the beekeeper suit it will help lessen the chances of the bees getting inside of your clothing, but also reduces the chances of you getting stung. This is very important when you have the hood and hat on as it will make a difference between you getting stung or not. If by any chance you need to hire a professional to remove bees, contact a bee removal company.

Being able to keep bees for yourself or for a business is a good thing. However, one thing that you need to really think about is the fact that some of the bees are going to require specific tools for you to get and use. This is when you should know about these tools when you are first thinking about starting beekeeping. By knowing about these tools beforehand you can get them and know if they are going to work for you or if you need to get some other tools to keep yourself and your bees happy and safe from the items that can cause either one of you harm.

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